About Us

Columbus Maharashtra Mandal is a 501(C3) non-profit organization. The organization brings together people from Maharasthra giving them a platform to speak in the   'Marathi'  language. This organization encourages members from our local community to join and learn Maharashtrian cultures and traditions.

There are various cultural events organized throughout the year. While the events may vary from year to year, 'Ganesh Pooja' is always performed. Other events are Makar Sankrant, Gudhi Padwa, and Diwali. Also, a picnic may be arranged during the summer months. Organization also tries to promote 'Marathi Culture' by presenting Music Concerts and Drama performance by artists visiting from India. We also encourage local talent to participate in various events and programs. We also conduct workshops for kids.

Our Goals: The committee is looking forward to strive harder to get to these goals:

    Successfully organize cultural events for the Maharashtrian Community Encourage our youth to join encourage Sponsorship Increase Kids Participation in cultural programs Conduct 1-2 additional programs for the year: e.g. Picnic/Special visits by key personalities Create opportunities to mix for new Marathi families in the Columbus area Improve communication with members by providing event details and gathering feedback  Appreciate & recognize achievements within the community  
Mission: Promote and nurture Marathi culture through its arts, literature, and language. Provide communication network for Marathi people across Columbus and suburbs.

Vision: Effective collaboration and increased communication between all community-based organizations and members.

Values: Respect: Treat everyone with dignity and respect. 

Stewardship: Social and financial responsibility and accountability. 

Learning: Embrace continuous improvement, creativity, and change.